This is a common question arrives in mind of the students when they try to realize and determine that they need to have some additional skillsets with their course curriculum or out of academics. Let me make it a bit simple by presenting the current scenario.

Most of the students don’t realize that they need to have some extra skills which are not included in their syllabus, to work on the core electronics fields or any other Industry or company.

Some pupils realize that they should do something when they are in 3rd year of their course but they can’t figure it out from where and how to get started? This confusion let them carry on for one more year and finally, they can’t but achieve the honor of success for wasting one more year and feel proud to be a Final year student.

After spending 3 years of college life students bring a thought from somewhere or someone that, “Bhai Iss last Ek saal main kya ukhaad lunga?”

Being a final year student they use to take the so-called pressure of placement or campusing & try to secure a job in any field in any company. Forgetting the hope of getting placement in their own departmental core fields they start their hardcore preparation to get placed in the IT or Consultancy Service sectors like TCS, CTS, etc…

The above words are just to present the current situation of the ECE students from Colleges where students are not aware of the relevant Skills or Technology, they need to be attached/updated with. So if anyone gets hurt by my word then, it is not for you but for your juniors who need to imagine the situation to bring themselves into the correct path before reaching to final year.

It is unfortunate to say that very few colleges of India have their enough faculties, infrastructure, Laboratories to teach their students with advanced technologies, Softwares & equipments. 

So without scratching anymore let me enter the final topic.

What should I do as an ECE student?

Firstly the biggest advantage is that if you are a 1st year ECE student then you have the widest career path than any other students of any other department. You don’t believe, right? Okay, let me discuss it.

If you are an ECE student then you can 

  1. Work on & get a good job in a core Electronics company.
  2. Enter into the Telecommunication sector.
  3. Prefer to job in Software fields.

But for everything you need your skills to get placed in any sector. You must have some inborn talents and these are not from birth but these are the skills you have gained in your years of graduation.

The most important and recommended skill to get placed in any sector or fields you have to improve your technical knowledge as well as communication skills and other personality development. You must speak English fluently & must have a professional attitude. 

If you want to continue your career in the core Electronics companies then you have to know your main core subjects with a solid knowledge like Analog Electronics, Digital electronics, basic electronics, control systems, Microprocessor, analog & digital communication, DSP, VLSI, Power Electronics, etc.

Including all these you need to develop your skills by doing these following courses:

  1. Embedded Solutions
  2. PCB Layout Designing
  3. Circuit Designing
  4. PLC
  5. VLSI Designing
  6. Labview
  7. Matlab/Comsol
  8. SCADA
  9. C Basic Programing

I want to mention a few reasons why students can’t achieve success in this field:

  1. Lack of knowledge in the respective technology & industry.
  2. College student type of mentality, no industrial knowledge.
  3. Could not think from the customer’s(Application) side.
  4. Lack of confidence in their core subjects.
  5. Do not know the basics or fundamental principles of electronics and electrical.
  6. Poor coding skills in C & Embedded programming.
  7. Have no idea what they are doing? Why they are doing?
  8. Couldn’t think in a simple way.
  9. All are in a hurry to complete the work at the first try, trying to do faster, hurrying for a job and fail.
  10. Lack of self-confidence. Fear of failure.
  11. No practical knowledge in real life.

Learn basic and fundamental theories and formulas like Kirchoff’s Law, Ohm’s law, Power law, etc., and try to implement them in the circuit. Remember electronics is just a small part of the electrical!

Learn C and Assembly Language properly and become a Master in this field. You can use the 8085 & 8051 Microprocessor-based Boards to Practice or their respective simulator software.

Programming is not for only embedded or making something. It will also teach you how to think logically and practically which will help you to fetch the questions of Technical Round of Interview.

As a beginner to get some fun you can start with Arduino boards in your 1st year, when you don’t have any idea of Microcontroller & Microprocessor but you can use these Boards with their easy interface & Open Source tutorials & IDE. But after gaining a significant knowledge you should purchase a microcontroller, programmer, and development board. Start with 8051, AVR and after that go to PIC. Also learn how to use ARM and the latest architectural version of the microprocessor.

Learn how to interface your microcontroller with sensors and other electronic devices along with Bluetooth, RF module and any other output devices.

Learn how to communicate with the computer via RS232, UART, and USB. After getting the experience of those above points, start building your own driver for your own devices and connect it to a computer.

Grow your knowledge and study about data structure, Embedded netwoking, RTOS application, and Linux.

Do an own project including the points below.

  1. Must have an ARM based microprocessor.
  2. Must have interfaced with the phone or other devices.
  3. Must use IoT.
  4. The project should be modular and flexible.
  5. A project that has a very practical approach and as a proper condition to be a product with an approach that if you ask people to buy it, they cannot refuse.

Always think from the customer side that if you are a customer what will your requirement in a particular project be.

Think and look at everyday life that what people want? What is immediately needed?

Think simply. Do not invest your most valuable time in complexity.

Something really useful for every ECE students- for datasheet and product price.

Ltspice/Pspice or proteus for analysis electronics circuits.

Sites for stay up-to-date about technology-

Being an ECE student how you can build your career as a Telecom Engineer /Software Engineer or developer? This blog is getting very lengthy so please follow the blog, we shall come up with this topic on our upcoming blog posts.