Key Services


We organize Industrial Training & Workshops in the Colleges to make the students Industry ready and Nourish their skills with Indutrial touches.

We organize Workshops & Bootcamps on Robotics, IoT and other fields & technologies from Beginner to Advance Level in the Schools & Colleges of West Bengal .

Career Guidence

We give advice and present the available career options for the school students and help them to choose their career they love. Schools can contact us to organise seminars for career guidence.



Seminars are regularly conducted for teachers, students, and parents with updated information on science, technology & social issues. Choose a topic for the seminar & contact us to get a date fixed for that.

Welcome to BYMOND

Bymond is a Platform which help school & college students with their projects, Engineering skills development , Internship Opportunity , Programming Skills & all other related fields.It organises Industrial Trainings & Workshops for college students on multiple domains (like IOT Development, RTOS Development for MCU, Web/Mobile Application Development , Embedded programming etc.) & also pre-engineering workshops , Seminars are organised in schools to let the students know what engineering is before they got admitted.

Featured Workshops

Workshops on Arduino Programming & Robotics like Sensor based , Voice Controlled , Android Controlled etc are mostly organised workshops.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. 

We organizes Industrial Workshops in the Engineering colleges for the students on the on demand industrial fields like Industrial IoT , RTOS & many other technologies.

We offer workshops on Front-End Web Design & Devlopment with multiple technologies & frameworks like HTML & CSS , Vue.Js , Angular.Js etc.

Workshops based on Amazon AWS Architechture like VPS Hosting , Security groups maintaining , Permission Management , Database Managing , Creating Instances , Securing , Installing Images of OS and many other services from AWS.

A to Z of a website covered in these workshops . Designing a complete website with Front-End & Back-End both and hosting it on virtual private servers , configuring & maintaining security , DNS management , Registering domain & mapping etc.

2 days workshops on CC3200 LAUNCHXL on multiple applications like Simple Web Server , Getting started on IoT with CC3200 , Blinking, Serial Interfacing , Serving HTML page & Button Event , Multitasking , on board Accelerometer etc.

Workshops like Arduino Robots controling, Bluetooth Home Automation , Serial Communication using Classic Bluetooth modules like HC-05 , HC-06 and Low power Bluetooth modue or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) like HM-10 . 


Arduino 2 weeks Training

Training on Arduino Programming on Arduino IDE . All the important & useful functions & libraries will be covered in this training to program the Arduino for multiple usecases.


Embedded System & IoT training

We offer training on Embedded System & Internet of Things . These can be chosen individually or combo . Embedded system training helds in Summer Training Session


PCB Designing (Schematic to Fabrication)

PCB Designing Training is similar to course which includes tasks or works. It may take 6 months to complete, depends on candidate’s performance.


Front-End web app devlopment

We offer Summer training on Front-End web app devlopment using multiple scripting languages & frameworks . This training is available offline & online both.


Live 4-6 weeks training on AutoCAD for Civil  students. Training will cover very basic to advance level AutoCAD 2D & 3D design skill development with 2-4 Live projects.


STAAD stands for Structural Analysis and Design. Bymond Workshop & Training Cell provides very basics to advanced level trainings led by the experienced Instructors.


AutoCAD Training for mechanical students helps them to get skilled for designing machine parts & mechanical components. Students will be able to present their imagination in live.


We offer Summer training on Front-End web app devlopment using multiple scripting languages & frameworks . This training is available offline & online both.



Paid Internships
In Bymond

We offer Paid  Internships to the 2nd & 3rd year students of the Engineering Colleges across West Bengal based on their interest & working field in BYMOND & it’s affiliates. 


Internship & Training

We offer Internships along with the Training program.Students will learn working with us , in our organisation. Registering for this will cover both Training & Internships.Students learn a lot from our team.  

Based on the students performance in the workshops & trainings, we refer them to our networks in Bangalore & Kolkata for Paid Internships  in Summer or Winter Vacations.


Unpaid Internships in bymond & Others

Anyone can apply for this Internship program which doesn’t include any stipend or payment except the Internship Completion Certificate in BYMOND or Other networks.


We offer web devlopment courses from begineer to expert level on multiple frameworks & technologies . We always welcome to the begineers in this course & candidates can mail us for counseling of course if confused with multiple frameworks & different courses.


Arduino & Energia programming Courses

Apart from training we also have courses on Arduino IDE & Energia IDE which have similar functions & libraries. We have multiple course options which differs with the use of Devlopment Boards used for the course & the difficulty level of the courses.


Softskills devlopment Courses

We have Softskills devlopment courses targeting the students who needs some regular training & guides to devlop their softskills & build up a professional & official body language .Courses like Official english speaking , Job Interview Preparation , Mock Interview Sessions & many more.


Raspberry Pi Beginner Courses

Beginner Raspberry Pi Courses which covers from Installation of Raspbian Jessie Image OS to building projects with Raspberry Pi . Though this course requires a very basic python programming knowledge , we try our best to make this course suitable for the absolute beginners . 



School Students Projects

We host the projects from the school students absolutely free of cost and these will be available for ever in our website. Students can submit their projects from themselves or they can take help of their respective school teacher , mentor or their parents. 

Guide for Engineering Students Projects-7

Engineering Students Projects

Engineering Students from across the West Bengal can submit their Innovative Project works in Audio-Visual format to BYMOND. We will host it for ever in our website & issue coupon codes for the best submitted project of the month.


Science Exhibition Models

Institution or Science Organisers or Societies can submit the projects , models in Audio-Visual format to BYMOND ,which are presented in the Exhibition .We also organize the Science Exhibition in the Institution Premises with students.


Homemade Innovative Technical Projects

We welcome to the innovators, creators across the country & all peple who are doing something that will help the society or have a impact on the  society . You can just contact us for further help if not able make ready for submission of your project.

Seminars & Webinars


Science & Technology Seminars

We host Seminars on Science & Technologies on multiple topics for school students . Interested government or private schools , Science clubs , societies or the organizers can contact us for the seminars on the topics.

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Pre-Engineering Seminars

We offer Pre-Engineering Seminars in the schools for the Engineering Aspirants . We have noticed students having problems & misconceptions on choosing the branch or trade of engineering while counselling or admission.

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Career Guidence Seminars

Career Guidence Seminars are the part of the Career Counselling Program. We do the career counselling for Higher Secondary  Students online & host seminars for the Students & Parents through the Institution in it’s premises.

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Social Sciences & Enviromental Talks

Social Science matter for Healthy parenting , most of the times our societies or the surrounding environment lacks of it which causes bad impact on the children’s characters , behaviours which matter most for the rest of their life.

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Message from BYMOND

Our mission is to lead the education system towards the learning , creativity and innovation with imagination and independent thinking . In the past our education system built job seekers but now we must be focussed on the building of job givers too and upgrade the job seekers with quality and creativity , wisdom driven education .

Our Inspiration

I never teach my pupils , I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.

Education is not the learning of facts , but the training of the mind to think.

– Albert Einstein

The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done ; 

Men and women who are creative , inventive & discoverers , who can be critical and verify , and not accept everything they are offered. 

– Jean Piaget

In past 20 years , we made people like machines. In the next 20 years , machines will look like people.

So in the future it’s not knowledge-driven , it’s wisdom-driven , experience-driven .

In the past it was knowledge-driven , manufacturing driven . In the future it’s creativity driven. 

Jack Ma

Increase Imagination Power

Make Difference from Others

Build & Enhance your Skills

Take Innovative Challenges